Kanyakumari, the place where you have water on all three sides. In the midst of the sunrise, the drizzling cloud made it’s way to the center of the sea. Kanyakumari | Ajay Kontham Photography

Tales of life

As night shimmered In glory of yesteryear Countless stories drifted in the air Of the struggles and the success. Flying Lanterns, Visakhapatnam

In the sky.

When I am in the sky, I feel the tempest desire to soar higher. As the wind flows through my hair, I feel the freedom in its hushed voices. Dreams are a reality in making, a slow intervention of hope and dreams. One day, I will look back and feel elated of the life thus … More In the sky.


Crumbled leaves and tattered roads Standing at the crossroads Struck with dilemma  Let hope be the light That guides you through the journey. Candle | Light | Hope