I am a Photographer


Once upon a time, I felt like a photographer when I had a DSLR tagged in my hand. Only difference was I thought I was a great photographer (though not even knowing nearly 80% of the functions on the camera) but people saw me as a photographer trying to click their photos and would eventually make them copies within minutes. I was wrong. But then everyone started having a camera and I don’t take it out much.

Ajay Kontham Photography

4 thoughts on “I am a Photographer

  1. I know right! I got a DSLR, I don’t/didn’t think I am a photographer. I have to learn to work it. But there are those who do flaunt it as if a Pro.

    The thing is to be a photographer you need the vision not the device. It could be any camera for that matter, it is easier to carry a smartphone along though, less baggage!

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    1. Yes, it mostly depends on how you see things. It’s what captures your mind, which means when you see something how do you want it to be remembered, by you and by others. I guess it’s just practice and an creative eye at play.

      I’m sorry I’m not of much help. I am still learning the craft and I don’t have a creative eye at all.

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