In the sky.

When I am in the sky, I feel the tempest desire to soar higher. As the wind flows through my hair, I feel the freedom in its hushed voices. Dreams are a reality in making, a slow intervention of hope and dreams. One day, I will look back and feel elated of the life thus … More In the sky.

Making an entrance.

Slowly I walk Gracefully it is, they said Beyond the horizon A chariot awaits For I am the princess And the world, my adobe.   © Ajay Kontham Photography AeroShow 2015, Bangalore IN

Sucker Punch !

“Pick me up.” “How many times do I have to say?” “Pick me up, please.” “Ok, I have had enough….Eeee punch   © Ajay Kontham Photography Aero show 2015, Bangalore IN

Oh captain

See not what you see, For I’ll lead. Guiding you To the dreams you dreamt. © Ajay Kontham Photography Aero Show 2015, Bangalore IN